What it's worth?

Hi all, I'm thinking of selling my 2005 wr 450.

Lots of upgrades, Drd pipe, Ims tank, jd jetting, Aceribis Cyclope head light, led tailight new plastics, and yes, it's plated,

I'm not sure where to start as far as pricing goes, any thoughts?

Click on my garage to see pics

You can start here http://www.kbb.com/motorcycle. The reality for you to consider concerning all of the upgrades that you list is that they are not worth very much. It is expected that an offroad motorcycle will have an exhaust system, a gas tank, be jetted, have a headlight and be clean (new plastic). These make the motorcycle either "rough", "average" or "exceptional" in the condition rating in KKB. That doesn't mean that you can't factor in a little something in the asking price for the upgrades. Depending on the market in your locale, if sales are brisk, you may want to price the bike in the upper half of the price range between trade-in and retail. If sales are slow, price it in the lower range between trade-in and retail. Don't expect to get retail for your motorcycle, unless you are very patient and a lot of uninformed buyers live in your area.

The plate for your state may not be worth very much, if it is easy or common to plate an offroad motorcycle. In the Peoples Republic of California, it is very difficult (actually requiring a mistake to occur at the DMV) and illegal to plate an offroad motorcycle built in 2005. So, advertising a used bike here with a plate can either raise the asking/selling price or make the bike less desirable. This is because to some potential, knowledgeable buyers, the ability to ride the bike on the street out weighs the risk and others don't want to take a chance with an illegally licensed bike.

Just my experience and I've sold a lot of offroad motorcycles to private parties.

Thanks for the response. I had a feeling the after market stuff wouldn't really increase the value of my bike, but it sure was fun putting the stuff on!

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