WCTT2 stories

Are the fortunate people :) who got to go to the WCTT2 this weekend going to give stories and highlights of the weekend anywhere. Is there going to be a post where everyone who went can add their 2 bits about it. Hope so. I would love to go next year.


Yes we will have a full write up, including some pics and snippets of videos.

We had a great time, 45 riders on Saturday or there abouts. No one was hurt (Best Part of the weekend) And everyone had a great time. Plans are already started for next year.

Please be patient we will get a update for all. Right now my upper arms are killing me, I have monkey butt from driving a chevy PU fro 4 hours and I am burnt :)

All I can say for now with out giving anything away.

Javelin is a Jumping Fool and can ride the bajeepers off his WR.

We have great shots of two and three jumpers at the same time Video and more.


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