Chain play?

how much chain play should you have??? i have a 03 yz450. it has around an inch to an inch and a quarter? im thinkin i got a case of chain stretch. if it comes down to it what length should i get for a new chain? stock sporckets.\


Sounds like you could use a manual:

Put the bike on a stand with the wheels off the ground and pull up on the chain just over the bolt that holds the rear end of the chain slider on the swing arm. measure from the chain down to the bolt while you hold it up. The '03-'05 REQUIRES a minimum of 1.6" (1 5/8"), and should be no looser than 2.0".

To determine whether your chain is worn out or not, wedge a rag or a piece of wood between the chain and rear sprocket to draw the chain tight and one pin on the chain near the front of the run. Calling that one "pin zero", start at the next one to the rear and count 20 more, or 30, if you have room between sprockets, and mark it. Then measure the tightened chain between marks. A new chain will measure 12.5" over 20 pins, and 18.75" over 30. If you get more than 12 11/16 (20) or 19 1/16" (30), the chain is shot.

The stock length is 114 pins.

sweet! thanks...your right i do need a manual for it... thanks for the info.

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