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Alternative battery to the OEM

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Sometimes, you just end up kicking yourself for being plain stupid. I found myself in that situation today.

I have a local battery supplier (wholesale) whom I have dealt with for years for my work, auto and marine needs. In all my dealings with this guy, I've never been let down. But for some stupid reason, beyond my grasp at this time, I've never went to him for a replacement battery for that expensive piece of shitte that Suzuki shoves in the DRZ. Well, today I did. After needing my 4rth battery in 5 years I finally wised up and passed right by the dealership.

When I walked in, with that OEM paper weight, he just laughed.

Dealer price on a replacement, near 200.

His price on an aftermarket replacement, 85.

Then, he pulled out the identical battery, and I mean identical (same CCA's everything) but without the motorcycle terminals on it (clip on posts instead) and announced it was only $30.00.

WELL!!!!!! ........... A trip to my local electrical supply house to pick up a few conversion parts for the terminals, and I am good to go.

The battery is still the same piece of shitte that the OEM is, it'll likely still need replacement next spring. But at $30.00 I don't care.

Some days you can actually fix stupid! :banana:

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