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Anything else I should do? (rebuilding)

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Ok, so I am currently rebuilding my 04.

So far I have done the following:

07 head

new intakes

"reground" exhaust valves

port/seat blending

radius seat cutting

new cam chain

new rings (piston in good shape and well within spec)

resealed airbox/boot

I am also going to set up the carb vent hoses so they go into a filter to eliminate dirt from entering there and install an 09 OEM cam (on its way) and an hour meter.

I was wondering is their is anything else, except for religious air filter maintenance and oil changes I could do to extend the life of my valves.

Also, during the machining or something, the side of my cylinder head was scuffed up (mainly just paint), it is ok if I blast the head with walnut shells to remove the paint or whatever is on there?

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