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2000 610 tc timing chain tensioner modification

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hi all ive seen somewhere on this forum some time ago a mod for the 2000 ish 610 timing chane tensioner. mine is going AGAIN and at £50 each for the tensioner and £105 for the chain you could get a bit sick of throwing your money away

so if anyone knows of a modification to the tensioner please let me know

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is it the TC or the e-start 610?,

as they use different tensioners.

I toyed with using the DRZ style "aftermarket - fixed" tensioner,

which basically replicated all the conventional " rod and locknut "tensioners.

I had several "USED" husky auto tensioners - funnily enough after 16,000 miles

and was going to adapt one to the manually adjusted "rod and locknut" type.

but then the 2006 revised TE came out and I wanted to try the new-model tensioner ..., but it uses different mounts.

there are still many rumbles about the oil-damping pushing the camchain at prolonged high RPM's - similar to DRZ's.

I ended up trading the bike for a jap 4, as its 100MPH =7,500 RPM was the same as the husky but only halfway around the rev-counter...

I don't know if the internals of the revised 2006 tensioner are all preload spring and added oil damping,

or whether there has been a move away from the oil damping.

George Erl is convinced that incorrect oil viscosity doesn't help cam chain life,

I'm afraid I'd given up by the time I read that info..,

good luck,


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