YZ426F fender stickers?

Has anyone seen any aftermarket replicas of the stock YZ426F rear fender stickers?

Im also looking for a replacement "YAMAHA" sticker that goes on the front fork protectors. A rock tore mine off and I like to keep things looking stock for as long as I can. Thanks


Both of these stickers are available at the dealer, if you don't mind paying the price. I wish graphics companies would make more oem replica stuff.

I assume that you're spiffing the 426 up, in order to sell it. :) Did you get the 250F yet?

Just a thought guys, but I bet if someone did what I suggest, you could sell sticker replacements to plenty of Yamaha owners.

First, you'd have to order the replacements from the dealer. The rear fender stickers on both sides, the Yamaha on the fork legs, and the Yamaha on the swingarm. Then, go to Kinko's and make sweet color copies of them onto 3M adhesive paper. Cut out the stickers and you now have sweet replacements. Not sure if selling these would cause a copyright infringement with Yamaha Motors Corp, but it would be worth looking into. If anyone else has any other ideas, would love to hear them.


Thanks for the idea Daveyg. Im going to try a prototype using a transparent sheet in my printer. I draw on the computer all day for a living...the YAMAHA logo on the fork protectors is a piece of cake. Im going to try using a little clear spray adhesive and see how it looks. ScottF, if it works I'll mail you the stickers, should only cost about $0.30, or whatever the price of a stamp is these days!LOL


DeCal works may be able to supply also if anyone out there does not have the equipmemnt to make them in-house. They are at www.decalmx.com

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