2006 YZ450F clutch too stiff

Every 2006 YZ450F I tried has really stiff clutch to pull in, 2008 is really easy, where there any changes in those two years, also can I get new clutch that would be easier to pull in.

Can I only replace the springs ?


The actuating arm may be longer on the newer bikes giving you more leverage.

I had an 06 and I never noticed the clutch being hard to pull. Maybe you need a new cable or lube the one you have.

Mine's fine, my son's is fine; I can pull either with two fingers, easily (and I'm old and feeble, remember). Unless you have some aftermarket springs in there, or a bad cable, it shouldn't be that hard. It is a big bike, after all.

Nevertheless, yes, there were differences between the '06 and the '07 and later models. The release arm was changed to reduce effort, but that also reduces lift at the pressure plate. In order to compensate for that, there is one less friction and steel plate, and the pressure plate and springs are different. The thickness of the steel plates also changed, so you would need a set of those as well.

It should be pointed out that because of these changes, the absolute capacity of the clutch is also reduced, and failures in the '07 and later bikes are more common than in the '06.

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