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OEM trip computer issues

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Having some interesting problems with my trip computer on my 09 400xcw.

It appears that there is condensation inside the LCD screen and it is not going away. I assumed that these units are fairly water tight.

Secondly, the wheel sensor is not turning the unit on. I ripped the wires last summer and replaced the wires and that was good but now, it is not working again and the wire appears to be in good shape.

Orange backlight not working when manually turning on the unit. When I turn it on, it flashes orange for second and then just displays the information without the backlight until it shuts off automatically.

I have reset all the connections (cleaned them up) and installed a new battery for the trip computer. Bike battery is fresh and I reinstalled the sensor that threads into the lower frount caliper.

Any ideas? Not that this piece of equipment is critical to operation but it is nice to have to figure out mileage, time, etc...



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