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OK, so I was going to go buy a new bike today from a local dealer. Local dealer asking $8700 for this bike. Friend of mine suggest's calling this out of state dealer who raves about this guy and his prices. So I call the guy up and he tells me he'll sell me the bike deliverd to my door for $8200~~!! I'm suppsed to meet local dealer in 30 minutes to buy this bike! What do I do here? I want to support local dealers. I also want to save $$500. I want to give the local dealer a chance to make a sale. Should I ask local dealer to come down, or ask him to throw $400 worth of goodies (jd jet kit, intake pump, new helmet) into the deal and walk out @ $8600 from the local guy, or should I just buy this bike from out of state dealer, save the $500 and add the goodies myself later??? ahhhhh.... HELP a brother out here~!?

Sorry for the double post but I need help ASAP~!

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