Oil Spilling Out

take my '03 450 for a ride around the neighborhood this morning...about 50 degrees out. when i get back i let it sit for about 20 minutes then check my fluids, radiator is full but then i go to check the oil level and as soon as the dipstick is out oil starts spilling everywhere pouring out of that hole on the top front of the frame. just because the bike was still warm? or otherwise...im kinda new to 4 strokes any help would be greatly aprreciated. :banana:

i havent done an oil change recently...ive only had the bike for about a week. maybe the previous owner had overfilled it. i was just worried that maybe fuel or coolant had gotten into the oil somehow and caused it to be that high. but if it was that overfilled then it would be good that i bled off some of the excess right? quite a bit came out before i could stop it. thanks for showing me those post...and the manual from my other post. hopefully one day ill be able to understand these things.

If I were you (or anyone else), I would change the oil on any 'new' bike I bought before I ever rode it. That way, you eliminate a certain number of doubts about the situation. It also gives you a look into the overall condition.

I'd suggest you do that now.

Yep, drop the oil, measure it, then make sure you put back in the right amount, I've seen plenty of DR-Z's with 3-4 quarts in them because people don't check the oil correctly.

okay ill do that later today...and i got another problem i think my water pump is going bad?? the little hole underneath the water pump housing is leaking. if its like a car the water pump is bad when that little hole leaks coolant. what do i need to fix it? jump a new impeller and seals or do i need to replace the shaft and bearings as well?? thanks for the help

Yes, that's the water pump seal. Refer to the manual regarding this repair. Summary version is, drain the oil and coolant, remove the water pump cover, and right side crankcase cover, disassemble the water pump and inspect the shaft for wear at the point where the seals ride on it. If there is a groove worn in the shaft by either seal (most commonly only the coolant seal will do this), the shaft needs to be replaced.

Always replace both seals, and be sure you get the seals installed facing the correct direction. They will seem backwards unless you think about it:


thanks...i also found another thread about it too so i can really know exactly what do to before i start the tear down. thanks again gray

Which thread was that? There has been some bad advice given here and there on this subject.

That one's OK. Just don't fall for any advice saying you can get away with unscrewing the impeller without removing the case cover. Sometimes you can, but you can't inspect the shaft very well that way, can't replace it at all, and you'll be pissed if you break it off. :banana:

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