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Need help with wheel decision

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Street tarding (no racing) a totally rebuilt 85 XR350.


It's going to be a back up dual sport bike for friends, but will mostly stay on the street.

It's in the shop now getting a CR front end conversion put on. I have a new CRF wheel (for dirt) and a CRF-X hub (for the speedo drive) to have built into the street wheel I want. Was assuming 17" but......

Stock rear wheels on the bike are 2.15 x17", but with drum brakes. I have two of them now for dual use. Drum will lock the rear wheel, maximum braking occurs at the point just prior to lockup, so the drum provides as much braking force as can be applied to a REAR wheel (because of weight transfer under braking). SOO, there is no performance to be gained from going to a rear disk brake setup. *** STREET USE!!! :lol:

I bought a XR650L swingarm and a complete rear disk brake setup to get the rear disk (bling factor only really) and to polish the swingarm as I think my powdercoat is dulllllll. So for no real functional purpose, the swap is really just to be doing something and for the polished swingarm bling.

BUT, that bike uses 18" rear wheels. So I'll sell two 17" wheels and have to buy two 18"s or 1 and a hub to spend $400 to have built into a 17" wheel like the two I just sold..................................

New wheels are much wider, but don't care. Have a 130 on the rear now I think that's plenty of rubber for a 300lb 30hp motorcycle (street use).


OR I could do the swap, buy 18" rears and live with that. Have the CRFX hub built into an 18" front. Is there any real functional difference with dual 18 versus 17? Looks? Can't be hugely significant can it?

AGAIN, not talking to you racers out there. :banana:

OR the CR forks are longer than the XR's so the front end is raised if you don't run the forks up through the top triple a bit, so I could get a 17" front and the run the 18" rears to balance the bike back out.

Right now I plan to run this summer with the 17"s on there as is. But by the fall I'll have most everything else done that I want to do to it. so.......

What would you do?

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