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yamaha 465 clutch adjustment

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i recently aquired an 81 yamaha it465. it needed a little tlc, a clutch cover, brake cables etc. little stuff. i noticed in taking the old froze up clutch cable off that the lever going into the case didn't have any tension agianst it. looking into it further the set screw that is visible from the outside of the clutch basket was screwed all the way out. (tearing into clutches is new to me) so i took the springs, pressure plate, clutch discs and plates out, figured out how it all works and according to a parts blow up on the yamaha website i think i'm missing the "spring washer" theres a nut, then a lock washer, then a flat washer. can't find much help online, i was hoping one of you could help me! thank you, Dalton

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