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'07 450r a tough machine

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Yeah, it's an MX bike:lol::banana::lol: My '07 made it through this slog of a race and it needs some TLC but nothing too major. Brakes are at the rivets, clutch is fried, CS seal is leaking, and it'll need to be stripped down, inspected, and lubed but I think the motor is in good shape. Thought you R guys would be interested in this thread on the X forum:


What sucked most is having to kick it a bazillion times after crashes and stalls with a boot that must have weighed a good 50 pounds. The bike must have had at least 100 pounds of mud packed everywhere. Remember that mud race when Kdub beat Reed 'cause Reed's bike seized? That's what it was like except worse and for a few hours. No joke.

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