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For the guys and gals 30 and up...

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I belong to the TTR forum mostly, I have a TT125LE as a play bike and to teach my daughter how to ride on. I used this forum as a major resource to buy, troubleshoot, repair and mod the little bugger. It's a great little play bike and it reminds me why I got in to riding almost 42 years ago.

I want to pay the favor back.....

Since I turned 50 this has become my yearly public service announcement: any doctor's here please correct me where necessary.

Prostate Cancer

Colon Cancer.

If your over 50 these 2 diseases, are potentially for men maybe their 2 biggest killers. Although for ladies they can contract rectal cancer.The prostate exam is a 30 second uncomfortable exam by your doctor / or psa test via blood test. Sometimes the local American cancer society will do a free PSA screening.

I HATE Needles. The blood test stick for the PSA is not bad. I can handle it. and I HATE NEEDLES!

1 test for Colon Cancer is a Colonoscopy I had 1 8 yrs ago and discovered I had diverticula. When I changed doctors this year, the subject came up and we decided it was close enough to have another screening. 7 yrs ago I took the screening with no sedatives. This time I was knocked out cold! WOW what a trip!

I had rolling veins, it took 4 attempts to get the IV in. But the nurses were sweeties, and even though I HATE NEEDLES, it was not bad at all.

The alternatives are not worth wussing out of a needle stick....

My test was clear. A colonoscopy may not be the only screening method. BUT

My dad died in 1983 after a two year battle with prostate cancer. Screening wasn't a big thing then as it is now. I was 25 when he died. I havent seen or spoke to my dad in 27years. He hasn't seen my kids in person. There are a ton of things I never have talked to him about. I still miss him 27 years later.

And there is a chance his death could have been prevented or his life extended with a couple of test's.

Ladies, you may have to prod, or "encourage" your dad's, husbands, or beau's on the need to have a test.

Guys, it's up to you, you are on your own. Go see your doctor or seek out a local cancer society for a psa test. Money is tight? Yeah is sure is. I know full well. But my wife and kids would rather have me alive than a new PS2, XBox 360 system, or wide screen TV.

I HATE NEEDLES! What is worse is losing friends and buddies to accidents on their bikes.

And losing them to a preventable cancer is worse that losing them to an accident.

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