Difference: 06-08 Airbox boot VS 09 Airbox boot

Wondering if anyone has pictures of the inside of the airbox boot off an '09 YZ450F. Looking at the carb from the filter side. 2006-2008 are the same boot with a "snorkle" built in, i'm looking for more free flowing boot similar to that of the 400/426 Yamaha's and possibly earlier 450's. If the 2009 boot fits my needs it would be nice as it will utilize the stock box and keep the factory look. Any help would be great! Thanks.

The snorkel, as you call it, is a part of a tuned intake system, and going to what you refer to as a "free flowing" boot like the old ones will cost you power. The '09 looks the same.

Thanks for the information Gray, I wont waste any money trying a '09 boot then. I'm sure you are correct on loosing power without that design in most cases. My bike is a flattrack race bike with a cams and a bigger carb and several other mods aimed at mid to top power. The snorkel is smaller diameter/area than the current size of my carb bore, I have a CRF intake boot to try next to see if any gains can be had. Thanks again.

That would be a factor, alright. Given that, you might try doing something along the lines of a velocity stack, possibly from Sudco, shoved through an older air boot so that it duplicates the concept of the newer boot with the right sized stack. If you want the best setup available, contact Ron Hamp Cycles, and see what he has for you. Flat track is something of a specialty with him, to put it mildly.

Yes Gray i'm familiar with Ron he is a huge name in the world of flattrack. I am on a very tight budget and like finding advantages with parts available to me or cheap to purchase. I like doing my own work and mods but may look into Sudco to see if something may help or improve upon what i have. I had a Ron Wood intake but there were several flaws in that design when mating to a FCR so that is sitting on the shelf now. Thanks for the ideas!

No problem. I'm an old circle racer myself, and if I didn't have to drive 120 miles to the nearest track, I'd be doing it still.

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