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08 RMZ450 fork repairs

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I had a nasty crash last summer that damaged my left fork.

The outer tube got dented where the dust seal seats. I have that sorted out and it will be repaired when the forks come apart for service.

The trouble comes with the mounting tabs for my lower fork guard.

The tab for the 2 bolts on the front side of the fork has broken off. I've been able to make it by just using the one remaining bolt and the brake line to keep the lower fork guard in place, but would like to fix this properly.

How difficult is it to replace the lugs on the bottom of the inner fork tubes that hold the axle, calliper mount, etc?

I do have the capability to have these machined up if it's not too bad to replace. If it's a major pain in the neck, I'll see about getting someone to weld the tab back on. Any hints on welding to this cast material?

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