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extended fuel screw effects.

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probably a simple answer but i just dont see it ?

Why is it that you use a 25 pilot with stock fuel screw and a 22.5 pilot with the extended fuel screw?

what kind of effect does the extended fuel screw have on the pilot circuit to work best with the stock 22.5 pilot jet?

I figured that the extended fuel screw is simply just longer for easy of adjustment, but since there is a optimal screw/pilot jet combo, there must be a difference in the screw's profile to create this effect ?

because if the extended fuel screw was simply longer we would use the recommender 25 pilot jet with the kit.... BUT we dont

I, myself use a extended fuel screw with my stock carb ( JD kit + screw from TT ) but never really understood why the pilot jet precision with it.

Can anyone clarify this.?

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