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Trading for a KDX200

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I was thinking that maybe moving away from something that is complex like a 4 stroke engine to something a little more simple like a 2 stroke engine would be good. I have never rebuilt an engine and I like challenges, but not challenges that could cost me upwards of 1k.

I was thinking about a KDX200, it's a 2t, it gives good power, and a rebuild could be done in less than a week, providing you have all of the parts. Also, great trail bike.

My problem is... if I do a straight trade, what year should I be looking for?? My bike is perfect mechanically, no odd engine noises, doesn't blow smoke, all of the bearing I have gone through are good. There are only 2 real problems i can think of, a tear in the seat cover, and there is foam missing underneath, and a crack in the rear fender. Neither of these issues affect anything, and for some reason the crack id in the center of the rear fender... I have no idea how this happened... PO did it.

I want your guys input on this. Is it worth while? or should I stick with the XR? I know KDX's are awesome trail bikes, I just want to know if there would be a good year that would give a relatively fair trade between the 2 bikes.

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