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Wanting to get suspension revalved - local shop has their own guys. what do I tell em

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part1: ok heres the deal.

im 180 lbs riding a crf450r in the trails, the suspension is way to stiff. after buying a KTM with revalved suspension.. I want revalved/springed suspension now.

I have a buddy who is 270 lbs and rides a cr250. we bought him the appropriate springs last summer but he also wants to do his suspension properly and get it revalved.

so we both want our forks and shocks revalved, I want mine springed also.

we told this to the guys (goons) at the local stealership, and they said they have their own guy who owns some no name company ive never heard before that has revalved their suspension and they claim to be happy with it. I have a feeling the goons at the shop just want to look like the big shots by providing their buddy with some business, 2 sets of suspension would probably gain them some for sure brownie points, plus they can middle man it and make 300$ or so for themselves knowing them.

right when they mentioned that, I figured "absolutely not, how dumb do you think I am to let you guys middleman my suspension to some no name dude when I can get it done myself, or probably even do it myself (forks im confident with.. the rear shock not so much)". I would like to ship the suspension in myself, to a reputable company that has proven themselves. so whats a good way/thing to tell the guys at the shop that I dont want/trust them and dont want to cause any burnt bridges or hard feelings over this. we live in a tiny town (pop 3000) where everyone knows everyone, and I know/ride with the 2/3 guys outside of their work. I dont want to offend them and they make me feel like an idiot when I dont listen to them, even sometimes I know im right and theyre wrong. if I dont do what they say, they get all pissy and get an attitude.

part 2: one guy who works at that shop races. hes one of the best mechanics at the shop and hes also a very good rider and was in top 5 in his class last summer for offroad racing so he knows lots about bikes and suspension. hes getting sick of the stealerships BS (as is everyone) and has already started opening his own bike shop in the next town over, 10 mins away. I would really really like to give him business, and would really like to see him succeed. but honestly, I cant see that happening in such a small area like we have with only about 50 bikers in a 200 KM radius.

so in his new shop, he says hes taking a couple week suspension course, and buying a 10,000$ suspension dyno machine... I would really like him to revalve our suspension and give him the much needed business. im no pro, and the suspension doesnt have to be 100% perfect, I dont think I would notice tiny tiny adjustments and whatnot anyways, just anything softer than the current CRF/R race suspension setup and ill be happy.

so should I get him to do it or what? I know hes capable of taking it apart and putting it together, but will he know what size of valves/stacks to use, oil, etc..??

and whats this suspension dyno hes talking about? are they pretty good or what? how do they work?

sorry for the 10 page long spiel, thanks guys.

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