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Track owner protection! Registery for people who sue tracks!

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I was first going to post this in this thread, however I believe this could become a HUGE benefit for anyone that Owns a track, and anyone that rides!

Here are my thoughts...

A privately held national registery that list the following:

Name, age, dob, sex, location

Link to documents with their name and lawsuit that qualified them to be on such a list. A LINK to these documents on a publicly held site, most state courts keeps these records available for everyone to view. Thus, everything is legal for the site that displays the info.

A strong disclaimer for the info, and ability for a track to register and gather a list of "registered track offenders" within a distance of their own track. Think of it like viewing things for sale on cycletrader.

Updates via submitted info, and a mailer / updater for registered tracks that include "new offenders" if they are within a distance of their track.

Once established, it wouldnt take but a couple hours a week to administer. Then, you could go about it for other sporting events via sister sites; like horses.

there ya go world... I have just given you a $1 million dollar idea. maybe some high school kid will run with it and give the track owners a fighting chance to prevent such said "offenders" from even having a chance to ride!


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