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Question for you guru's.

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Hey guys I have a question that I am hoping you can help me out on. I have a 2004 CRF250x that I bought earlier last year. The bike cam with a 250r header and exhaust, as well as a 250r cam. It also had a JD jetting kit installed. Ran great, started up great.

A couple of months ago, I replaced the exhaust with a FMF Powerbomb header and a Factory 4 exhaust. I didn't change any of the jetting settings, but did notice that it didn't want to start "as well" with the electric start. It still started up great when I kicked it though. It was instant when kicking it. So I started thinking my battery was losing ampage. I bought a Turntech battery a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to help a little but still didn't want to start as well with the E-Start. But again, still fires up great when kicked.

So my question is this: Where do I start? Do I fatten up the main a little? It currently has a 165 main. Do you think I need to replace the spark plug? I have a new one I have yet to install. I honestly don't think its the valves due to the fast starting when kicked. Has anyone come across this problem before? Thanks in advance! :banana:

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When you say doesn't want to start with the estart, does it turn over and not fire or truns over slowly?

Check the stator and pickup coil. Had a problem just like that in a KTM. Would crank and crank fast on the estart but just wouldn't start. Change the stator and bam started off the estart as easy as kicking.

As for jetting I would mess with the fuel screw and see if it gets better one way or the other. If you bike has a hot start and a choke you can use those to see if it is rich or lean. But if the jetting was off it should be hard to kick start as well.

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Yes it cranks really fast, it just doesn't want to start right away. It will eventually start with the E-Start but not as quickly as it used to. I was thinking it might be the stator too. I am going to change the spark plug first and see if that helps. Sounds like a stator might be on order as well.

Thanks for the input!

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You may want to pull your valve cover and check your valves.

Valve problems usually start to show up as hard starting first.

If valves show ok check clyinder leakage. You should be under 5%.

Had a friends 05x suffer from hard starting only with the e start in the morrning only. It would kick and roll start fine. Valve check ok. Leak tested the clyinder and found 15% leakage through the intake valves.

One of the intake valves seats had worn a ledge in it and was keeping the valve from sealing. The slightly lower than normal compression was causing the no start. New valves and recut the seats, Bike fires right up in the morning now.

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