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1973 f series mods-vintage memory test here

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just curious if anyone here modifified some back in the day or still do?

i've got a 73' f7 i'm playing with and have a few questions...

1)is replacing the battery with a capacitor pretty simple?

has anyone done this and know the "how to and what wiring"

2)is there any fork dampening mods that can be done?

like 1" longer rod or drilling larger diameter hole?

does any supplier sell shock springs or different rate springs for my 200lb butt?

3)anyone know the mods the rotary disk seemed to accept as usable?

4)is about 2 up on main jet a good start for jetting with those old bassani pipes?

best advice on usfs approved arrestor/silencer as much as i love vintage and look at those ol skool ones would i be best with larger diameter inlet/outlet shorty's?

lol...i know this post is a hopefull anyone at best but who knows...i know the f9 was more modded "per se"

but figuired it never hurts to ask...who knows maybe someone wouldn't mind working with me on this as i'm a lil lost...ok...more then a lil

5)any chance on modding the clutch basket to stainless inserts on basket fingers?

is it possible to nikasil the clutch basket fingers or just hard annodize?

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