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Michigan Port Huron Practice Track Needs Support

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Hey guys! I know alot of you are not close to the area here but for those of you who are we need some feedback and support. The Port Huron Motorcycle Club announced last Fall that they had opened a practice track. This was basically at the beginning of the off-season and due to the nature of the weather and time, they really didn't receive much feedback or attendance. I'm trying to get the word out again that the PHMC plans to expand greatly on their current practice track and they are looking for riders for ideas. I talked to Doug from the PHMC and he explained that they really dont have much to go on, because no one attends the meetings that are MXer's. These guys hold dirt track races and the like so I think the lifespan of this track would be a long one. WE JUST NEED TO BE INVOLVED!!!!! All they are looking for is interest in attending the track, track layout ideas, days and times that are suitable, and class, practice session times (i.e. 20 or 15 min. rotations, preferable class splitting, etc.) Its as simple as that. So get the word out there and even if you cant attend the meetings then just shoot an e-mail to the club.








phmc123@gmail.com <phmc123@gmail.com>

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