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My set up......MY 2000, @4700 miles....

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Well I have been tinkering with my suspension and heres what I did. On the road this is handling WAY better than before. And here's why; I drained the oil out of my forks. I found that the springs were in the wrong way up (narrowed end should be down) and when I drained the oil the two forks produced two completely different coloured oils and it came out pretty thick too, probably a little emulsified, one was a yellow pissy colour the other a clear to off white tinge, both looked cleanish though.

I replaced the oil with some Silkolene racing pro stuff, a little heavier than the standard 5 wt, I put 7.5 wt in which was surprisingly a lot thinner out the bottle than the shit I drained out. I reduced the air gap from 165mm to 150mm. I have wound the preload on the top of the forks into the second ring and clicked out four from in on the rebound (bottom of the fork). This has produced a firmer front end which is much more compliant on the road on my knobblies with a lot less eratic fork dive on/off the throttle.

I have checked the static sag on the rear shock which topped out at 570mm. When I sit it compresses to 480mm which is fine for a dirt set up ( I weigh 165lbs). I wound the compression to out 11 as per factory settings.

I don't know how the front end will behave off road, maybe I will have to soften it off. I'd be interested in the set up of other bikes or if anyone thinks I have done anything adversely wrong, like I'm about to blow my fork seals.........It feels much much better than before, unsurprisingly.......:banana:

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