Differences between YZ style Clarke and IMS tanks?

I've searched the forums, and am trying to decide which tank to buy. What are the big differences between the 2 tanks?

I bought a Clarke YZ 3.3 gal tank (black). The fit is so-so. Had to do a little modifying of the mounts and petcock hole. Even with a YZ seat, the look and fit is more WR. It is narrower than a WR, though just as nut-cracking tall. I was not impressed for the cost. I really dread mating it up with the "high-rise", oil-filter-clearing, Big Gun exhaust. I will have < 1" clearance between tank and headpipe... Not enough in my estimation!!!

Only a home-made heat shield is the answer to a potential melt-through and fireball?

Hopefully, someone else can give advice on the IMS tank. Their color offerings and "dual" petcocks sucked , so I passed over them.

I bought the stock YZ Clarke tank. A+++. I can't complain a bit. My stock YZ tank had the famous crack at the seat problem. Clarke promised I would have no cracking problems, if so contact them and it would be replaced :)


So it looks like the Clarke tanks require you to use your old fuel petcock. Do the IMS tanks come with petcocks? If so, how's the quality?

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