Convertine a WR450F

Has anyone on here converted a WR450F to a street legal bike? My question is on the brake lights. What did you do to get the brake lights to work with the lever and foot control? I have not started researching on here yet, just wanted to start on this this weekend and needed some ideas. Thanks

Put a pressure switch into the banjo bolt at the rear master cylinder. Most dirt bike part suppliers have them, maybe even Thumpertalk. Wire one lead to hot, the other to your brakelight.

do the'll have a weeks worth of reading, and all your answer's! not trying to be a prick.....just letting you familerize yourself with this forum....

I used a banjo bolt pressure switch for the back and a XT350 front master cylinder comes with a mechanical switch plus the mirror mount. feels slightly different but still strong and it has a nice clean factory look.

Did that before the wr250x dual sport came out, Now I would look at one of those for ideas.

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