Uhm i think i got a problem.

Yeah i was just out on my yz426f i figured since it was nice id take it for a cruise. I was riding for about five minutes when i noticed a clanging sound coming from the bottom end. It only clangs when i pull in the clutch anyone got any ideas what might be wrong?????

"Clanging"? Whatever. Lay the bike on its side and remove the clutch cover to see inf the pressure plate has hit it. If it has, the nut that holds the clutch boss on the main shaft is probably loose.

I took the cover off pulled the clutches off turned out two pressure plates broke.

You only have one pressure plate. It's the big aluminum one on the outside end of the clutch the the springs sit in.

Then it would be the clutch plates is what i meant haha

Three clutch plates broke the furthest three back in the basket. Im not quite sure why they broke, probably because they were a little old nonetheless theyre hinsons so they wont be cheap.

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