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Washington Machias Saturday 12th?

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Got a new to me bike and just looking to ride in a small area to see how it handles. Nothing crazy, just a little easy riding for fun. Been there once but don't have directions, hopefully someone else does?

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If you know how to get there then it isn't too hard to find trails. Most of the good ones are near the end where the short asphalt entrance is with the concrete blocks, steel gate (always locked/closed) and the gravel/rock area is. From there you go up the main road just a little and there are trails.

The bad/good thing is the trails are short. For someone just starting out or trying to get in shape that is a good thing.

The bad thing is that now that Reiter is closed (for how long?), there is an influx of people riding there. I think most people will get tired of riding there because it will be crowded and the trails are too short for most of them.

Also, be careful - there have been break-ins into vehicles parked at the entrances.

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I have been there before, thats why I want to go there. I have a new to me bike that is a 99 so i want to go there to test ride the new bike. Was hoping someone could help me find it.

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