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New skid plate available!

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Hmmmm... what have we here?


Here it is fresh out of the plastic bag!


Motosportz on the left, OEM on the right


Front view of OEM plate


Here's the challenge..... Slim, light frame with motor sticking out all over the place:excuseme:


Blind nuts supplied with kit and installed in previously unused slots in crossmember below oil drain plug.


Loose fit looking from rear.


Frame coverage looking toward rear, much better than stock!


View from right side showing skidplate ears covering frame.


Frontal coverage.


Right side.


Left side.


Still pretty lean profile. Fender shows I stuck my nose where it didn't belong:D


Kudo's to Kelly, Mike and Company at Motosportz for this product!

Hex head bolts at front and rear are 10mm wrench. The 2 mid-span button head bolts are #40 Torx bolts that go into self locking nuts welded onto J shaped frame clamps pictured in 2nd picture. These mid-span clamps appear to provide additional security for the plate in addition to the blind nuts installed in the rear crossmember under the oil drain plug. 10 minute install. Pretty darn good coverage compared to the competition. I like the ears! Now I need to get it dirty!

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