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06-Crf150f 225cc Motor with 28mm Flatside/Trade + $ for stocker

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I just bought a really well set-up 150f so I'm putting mine back to stock and selling it. It has an Engines Only 225cc big bore along with the 28mm flatside. Torque monster! If anyone is interested I'd be happy to swap the entire motor for your stocker. I'd need the complete motor along with stock carb, manifold and entire throttle housing. You'd get entire motor with 225 kit, 28mm flatside, manifold and entire Joker throttle housing. I think it'll be easier just to ship the entire motor than swap top ends and have to buy new gaskets. That would offset the extra money to ship. If your in Fl, come by and we'll swap them out.

Pics along with a video I took today before I pulled the motor out. Video is a cold motor start with no choke, it was pretty warm out today. Motor runs great, was built about two years ago by the previous owner. Well, he had Seminole Powersports build and install it in Sanford, Fl. No rattles or anything like that and it runs strong!, quick puff of smoke on cold starts sometimes but is gone as quick as it came. Wheelies wherever you want them!

$300 seem fair to you guys? I know it's $900 new for everything, seems reasonable. I do need a set of stock wheels and suspension so we could work out a trade also.

Oh, I've been a member here since 04'. I couldn't login to my old account since I don't have comcast anymore. That and Pmooney is my name on the couple of forums I'm on so I started a new account last year in Jan (not a big poster really). See below. Don't want you guys thinking I'm some newbie trying to flog my crap to you!


Start up video.





That thing makes a big hole.


Just in case anyone was wondering.


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I have a stock motor... 04 kick start...

It only has 30hrs on it... Since I'd Have to buy the harness and goodies for the electric start... HMMMMMMMM....

I'd go straight across... Not what you want to hear, I prefer Mike Coes' engines... That said, I'm looking at a tear down and such...

I'm sure you can get better offers...

I'll pay to ship mine to you and pay for shipping your motor to TEXAS...

Not trying insult you... just makeing an offer

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