Colo riders- Taylor Park

Has anyone been riding at Taylor Park yet? Looks like the riding at Divide won't be even close to what it was for a long time, so much of the good stuff there is still closed for who knows how long.

I was up there (Divide) yesterday, they had a trail map at the CR 5 trail head that shows alot of the Hayman burn area has been open.

About Taylor, I've never been there, but will be making the trip this summer.


I was under the impression they opened alot as well. The three mile stretch from Phantom Creek to the New England Section is all that I found that had been added since late last fall. Did you see the damage to the New England section? Everything west of the Wildhorn campground road is closed. Cedar mountain road north of the Floiresant(sp?)/West creek road is closed. You can't even complete the northern 717 loop around Signal Butte. What's left of the system looks to be the eastern stuff where there are about 1 million quads on narrow trails. If anyone found anything besides the eastern 717 system open please let us know.

When I was up there a couple of weeks ago, I talked with a ranger and he told me that they hope to have everything open by mid-June. That will be nice if it's true.

My experiance with the Taylor Park area has always been mid to late June for everything to be open and rideable. :)

Shame to hear about Divide.

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