new sprocket

going to a 51t sprocket to help in tight woods. will the chain need to be longer? looks like plenty of adjustment to compensate for the bigger sprocket.

no need to worry the sprocket will fit if you have the stock length chain! Only 2 teeth wont make that big of a difference on the adjustment but your YZ will be able to climb a tree!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

thats what i thought, but i don't think it will climb a tree. just looking for a little

more use out of second gear in the tight stuff with less clutch!! also the tracks i ride are are half supercross, half outdoor. i dont think ive ever seen 5th gear.

sbo- let us know how it works- our tracks here are so tight I hardly ever get into 4th gear, maybe that's why my transmission is still stock hehe...


it will probably be late february, early march before i find out. winter is here and we will probably have our first white christmas in a long time.

ok, i put the 51t sprocket on today and cannot adjust the chain properly. the rear guide is preventing the wheel from moving forward enough. what can be done to modify or purchase a new guide to allow use of the stock chain length? i would like to see if turning is any easier with the shorter wheelbase.

I had the same problem on my WR. I took my dremel tool and shaved off/rounded the area where the chain will touch. Works just fine. BTW, the WR turns WORLDS BETTER with the wheelbase shorter. I was running 112 teeth with a 13/50, now 114 teeth with 14/51. I didn't try the 112 w/ 14/51 as I was changing everything, but I don't think it will fit.

BTW, I added a Fredette chain guide later which has much more clearance than stock, even my shaved down version. Less mud collects and the chain doesn't rub hardly at all. Good luck!

thanks mcarp.

i ordered the moose chain guide, it looks like the freddete model. also ordered a 116 link chain just in case. i will try the guide first, then the chain. i'll post my findings. probably sometime next week.

i have a 1999 yz400 i went up one tooth in the rear with the stock lenght chain and the tire hit the mud flap (1109019 752) i had to get a longer chain even though a had plenty of adjustment left to move the tire forward

i don't think that moving the rear wheel forward made any difference to the handling of my WR. i ran it forward all last season until october. i got through one of those mudflaps because i had it up so far.

i also ran 13t i nearly wore through the swingarm! so now i've got the 15t x 52t, a new mudflap with a little strip of metal bending it almost flat to rub it against the swingarm inside face. tthe wheel is forward-but nott silly.

i'm jacking the rear up even more this winter to steepen the head angle & i'll deal with the seat height in my usual £5 special way!


i feel kind of stupid now, the 51t sprocket fits fine with the stock chain length and guide. the binding i was experiencing was because the brake caliper bracket was not seated properly in the tab welded to the swingarm. the tire i have is a michelin 130/70-19, can't remember which one however. its profile is a bit smaller than most and it clears the mud flap. i was planning on putting a 120/90-19 752 on for spring. hopefully this clears everything. if it doesn't, i have a brand new 116p chain to use. i will report early march on how the 51t sprocket helped in the tight stuff, should also be very muddy due to all the snow we have gotten.

Originally posted by sbohanon:

I was planning on putting a 120/90-19 752 on for spring, hopefully this clears everything.

I have run that tire on my ’00 YZF, no real clearance problems, great soft terrain tire. It did chew on the mud flap a bit, but at about 100 hours, all with a Dunlop 120/90-19 of some kind, it is still in one piece (although I just ordered a new one).

I also have some rub marks on the fender but nothing serious.

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