YZ triple clamps

Do any of you know which triple clamps will let you run the bars the most forward? It seems most of the ones I have seen, the perches are only 5 to 10 mm more forward than stock.


I have Vortex clamps and, in the 3rd position out of four, it looks to be about 10mm foward.

I'll try to take a measurement to let you know.

Hey Le Racer

Does Vortex have a website?

I'd like to check those out.




Hold it Wide...


my applied clamps work awesome they push the bars forward and allow you to get more aggressive around berms! and they look trick (anodized blue)


I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

BRP, http://www.brpit.com/ , their clamps are priced well and they will custom drill the clamps so you can mount the bars where ever you need them.

Dennis '99 YZ400F

It worked for me earlier but now it doesn't, so the link is right.

Try it later on...

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