2006 YZ450F and Mylers...

Anyone with an aluminum frame 450 running Mylers Super Cool rads using braces? Im interested in getting a set but they tell me they are thicker front to back so this is going to cause issues with many cages and I refuse to run with out protection... :banana:

I had a pair of fliudynes(same radiator) on my 04 and the bike fell completely off of the stand with the handlebars laid to one side and the radiator too the brunt of the fall and not a single tweak in that thing. They are all tig welded with heavy guage aluminum on the side of the radiator its like they have a cage welded into the radiators. I am in the middle of purchasing a set for my 08.

So you are saying that the Mylers are Chineese copies of the Fluidynes?

Not sure you would have to Email them to find out a country of origin I am willing to bet its China. If so then you can get them a LOT cheaper on Ebay.

I had Fluidynes on my bike not copies but heck I am willing to bet that even the Fluidynes were made in China. They were tough thats all I remember and the stock radiators are very flimsy on the 07-09 bikes. I think the 06's were slightly thicker.

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