Orange with envy!


The place I was describing is in Belleplains State Forest. Its in South Jersey about an hour from me, towards the South Jersey Shore. Probably under 2 hours from you. Its free, nobody bothers you, and you'll see at least a hundred bikes and quads on a bad day. Your kid would love it! There are a few other (closer) pits and woods areas that I ride that would be about an hour from you. Let me know if your interested.


No kidding the bike is jetted lean! Turn out the screw to at least 2, then spend the $14 and get a 45, 48 pilot, and 168-175 Mains. Experiment some, you won't believe the differences minor jets changes can do (and it's pretty easy).

Also turning up your idle slightly when starting helps. For cold weather, the stock settings are VERY lean. A friends's 426 was very tought to start when new last spring, jetting cured it since. My '00 WR w/ YZ timing/YZ pipe etc like the 48/170/EKN#3 needle 1.0 fuel screw at 1,000 feet- 0-50 degrees. Starts first kick, runs very strong

Also a tip for everyone- turn off your gas 1/4 mile before you're finished for the day or drain your carb. the bike is less likely to flood while towing making it harder to start the next time.

Once you get over the crappy jetting settings, you'll be happy...


I don't know about all of the rituals that you need to do, but clapping twice, yoddling in a nearby forest, and turning your gas off before you finish riding aren't really necessary. I had an 00 426 and it started 1st or 2nd kick every time, regardless if I ate pasta or ribs the night before. I do have to agree with what everyone is saying about it being lean from the factory. I lived in CO @ 6000 ft. and didn't change the stock jetting on the 00. That means, at sea level, you absolutely need to richen her up. It's extremely easy to get at the jets in the carb too.

Looking at the carb, you have your float bowl at the bottom. With the gas off, loosen the allen bolt for the drain at the very bottom and your drain line will feed the gas out of the bowl so you can work on it. Once drained, tighten allen bolt. Then, loosen your carb boots so you can slightly rotate the carb to get at the bottom of it. Take off the big (19mm I think)nut on the bottom of the carb float bowl. Once it's off, you should be able to see your main jet clear as day. You get it out by using a I think a 6mm socket. The pilot is taken out using a flat blade screwdriver. It is recessed a little bit, so check out the manual so you recognize it. I would definitely richen the pilot a step or two and same with the main. Like the others say, experiment. Don't go too crazy with your fuel mixture screw. I would play with the jets and then adjust the fuel screw from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 out and see what works best. Good luck my friend.


Originally posted by med56:

Iceman, I don't know what to say. You are either really lucky or really good. I can't start my bike in the garage while it is on a stand! I'm not kidding!! I've only had it about a month and the temps have been below freezing here in upstate NY for most of that time. I sure home the cold temps have something to do with it. Perhaps it will light up easier when the mercury rises? My 426 is a 00 model that is stone stock. I haven't even ridden it yet. Our season is basically late March through November. I ride MX only. My 00 CR250 had me smileing all summer long. I sure hope I didn't make a mistake. Any suggestions?

It's cold here in MD, also. I've been riding 4-bangers for 15 years starting with an XR600 and now a '00 426. I have found that in the cold climates, 2-4 blips of the throttle and lay the bike over to either side to get gas in the carb helps to start. I don't necessarily look for TDC for the kick start, but I've found that leverage, i.e., a bike stand, kickstand, tall rock, helps in starting. Other than that, wishing I was taller would be the next option. Good luck.


I have been avoiding the throttle so I'll try giving it a few blips. Did you re-jet your bike or is the jetting stock?


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