I think the WR250 will not be enough bike for me. I would miss the power of the 426 too much and I know I would be kickin my butt. I am 6'2" and 200lbs and an intermediate rider. Long way to go to keep up with the pros

I am down now to WR450(I love the idea of an e-start), the YZ450f( it would be like my 426 without the stupid kick starting drill) or a YZ250f.

I don't race tracks very often. I am more into just recreationally ripping around on tracks. I will do the odd race now and then. I do like going into the woods and trails as well.

I like the light weight of the yz450 but I think that I would have to put a 12oz flywheel weight on it and soften the suspension to make it half way rideable in the trials. The downfall is the gearing is a little tight. I was also thinking that you could WR time the YZ450 to make it a little milder for trail riding. Anyone know of someone who has done this to a YZ450??

The WR450 my only concern with this is the weight and the ability to ride it on motocross tracks. I love the idea of having a "LIGHT" and that MAGIC, WONDERFUL, GOD SEND of a button!!!

Does anyone ride their WR450 on motocross tracks?

And if you ride in the trails, are you finding the weight and power tiring you out? Also how TECHNICAL are the trials you ride? I usually have to deal with A LOT of rocks, deep mud (1' - 1.5' deep), and some BIG A$$ hill climbs.

Also without making me search months of posts, what are some common problems with the WR450? and what are the free mods you have to do and what do they do. This bike would be the Canadian version.

What does the wr450 actually weigh?? I have heard everything from 230 - 260?

I think the gearing issue would steer ya towards the wr. Especially with the type of riding you do. Strip off the crap IE: lights, kickstand etc)..and you will shave a bunch of weight off. One of the big magazines did a story about converting the bike to a yz..and they had nothing but praise for the wr after the mods were made. I think it was dirt rider or motorcross action. I will have to look. But in their closing, they said it was a heavier version of the yz..with the magic button and the 5 speeds vs. 4 speeds. The YZ is a great bike..for the track.! :)

The YZ is a race bike, the Wr a trail bike that you could race at a lower level if you chose to. I'm 64 years old and I can ride 4 -5 hours without the weight effecting me very much. I'm 175 # and most of my muscle has gone to parts unknown. The YZ and it's gearing could be a significant problem in tight woods unless you are a experienced rider.

Pretty much ditto to what Machster says.

It's easy and cheap to yank the extras off the WR. Almost impossible and $$$$ to go the other way. Why I bought a WR.

I think you'd find the WR250 would surprise you though.

On the track, the 450 has more wheelspin and looses some of it's power there and in the tight stuff the 250 is more nimble. You'll actually be faster on the 250 than the 450 *at times*.

I used to race guys with an XR200R (old taller ones). Rough stuff, turns, etc, I smoked the larger bikes. At the end of the long straight they would breath down my neck... only to watch me disappear again. We're talking IT360, 250's, etc. That XR200R had about 10hp, not half the power of some of the other bikes. The new 250's have about 35hp... and they are lighter than that XR.

Unless your racing cross country or where you can open up a 400+cc machine... the 250 should be pretty close. Faster at times and slower at times. If you do sand dunes get the 450.

BTW, the YZ will be prone to stalling more in some of the conditions you mention due to the lighter flywheel.

Well...the suspense is killing us...which one did ya get?


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