1999 wr 400 questions

Hey guys I am new to the forum and have a question right away....found a 99 wr 400 for sale the seller is saying bike has 855 miles on it and he let it sit over the winter and the carb got fouled up....he wants 1500 for the bike but Im a little leeary to jump on the deal....I dont have any experience with these bikes in particular. I dont really know what to look for.....if the bike wont start, its hard to justify spending that much money on it, but what if the carb is just really dirty....anything I should look for in particular? any help from you guys is appreciated.....:banana:

Ask him to clean the carb and have the bike running before you'll buy it. you should always take a bike for a quick test ride before purchase...

If the bike runs $1500 sounds about right for that bike. If he's unwilling to get it running, show up with $1k, cash (I wouldn't reccomend going alone), a can of fresh gas, starter fluid, and and a metric toolset, see if he'll take the $1k cash, seeing that the bike isn't running, if he says yes, ask if he minds if you fiddle with the carb to try and get it running. If he says yes, remove the fuel line from the carb and drain the tank (into a container), unscrew the float bowl drain and watch the gas, as long as it's coming out and not sandy brown that's good. Replace the fuel line and the float bowl drain, put some gas in the tank, and remove the seat, make sure there's no critter nest in the airbox (under the seat) and inspect the foam filter, make sure it's not disintegrating, if all is good, put the seat on momentarily, turn the petcock on the tank to res, and pull the decomp lever in and give the bike 8-10 good kicks (hold the decomp lever in). Remove the seat again, give the air filter a good huff of the starting fluid, put the seat back on, find TDC with the kicker, pull the decomp lever in with slight pressure on the kicker, as soon as it goes down slighly, release the decomp lever, let the kicker retract to the full upright position and then kick it hard.

When I got my '00WR400 last yr. it was the same scenario, hardly ridden bike, been in storage for years, the gas was shellac. I did all the above and the bike fired first kick. It only ran for a minute or 2 but I was able to listen carefully for that time and heard nothing to cause concern. I converted it to Sumo, and the thing is mint, after getting the carb sorted and doing the free mods, it really was a diamond in the rough....I'm exceptionally happy w/it!

If you have one I would also reccomend bringing a stand, put the bike up there and wiggle the forks fore and aft, checking the head bearings, also the swingarm for play, wheel bearings, shifter/brake levers, etc. Normal wear and tear items, you can also rotate the wheels, look for bent rims, wobbling rotors, etc.

Keep your money in your pocket till you are certain, don't get all emotional about it, it's just a bike. Go there with the intention of "getting a bike to run".

There are other things that could keep the bike from running too, could be something simple, could be something serious, and $$$.

I do agree with Arctic about taking for a quick test ride, but remember, you're already dealing with an admittedly neglected machine, take it easy and be careful.

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