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Help with my shock

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Got my shock back from factory connection and put it back into my bike. Prior to installing it I noticed that I had a piece for the lower part of the shock that goes into the linkage. The piece looks like a washer but it has a lip on one side but not the other. It fits over the dust seal for the bearings.

The problem is I only have one of them. Should I have two?

The piece only fit on one side, the other side it did not fit over the dust seal properly or as well as the other side.

I cannot remember if there was 2 of these pieces when I took the shock out. I looked at a parts fiche and I really can't tell if this piece is on the fiche or not.

The problem now is my shock has a little play in it. I don't recall it having this before. If I grab the bottle on the side I can move it very slightly side to side. Is this normal?

I hope I didn't lose soemthing. I really want to ride this weekend.

Is there any risk to riding the bike like this?

The bike is a 05 YZ250

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The part looks like 16 but it goes in the opposite way than it is pictured?? And it goes in last. The picture makes it look like it goes in before the dust seal.

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