Top end time!

Well, I've got 5 years or riding, including three of racing, 2 LAB2V trips and numerous big bear rides on the wr. I do check the valves from time to time and they haven't moved in 4 years. I'm good about oil changes and filters.

Its been stone cold reliable but is definitely down on power from when it was new. When its cold, I feel damn near no compression on the kick start lever.

So its time for a top end. Actually, the f#$%kin spark plug is stuck in the head and I can't get it out :banana: So the head is coming off.

I've ordered a piston, rings, gaskets and a timing chain. Is there anything else I should be prepared to replace.

I will inspect the valves once I get the head off, so I won't buy them up front. But, they have never moved and the bike still hauls my fat ass around quite easily.

Is there anything else I should get upfront that I know for a fact should be changed on a bike with this much use?

I would replace the head bolts (got that beat into me in auto shop class 30 years ago...always replace the head's cheap insurance) and the timing chain tensioner. I would also take a good close look at the timing chain gear on the crank.

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