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KTM85/105 USD fork length and weights

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Hey Guys I was looking at the CR85/CRF150 USD 37mm front forks for a project bike but I see that the KTM WP USD forks off the KTM 85SX are bigger 43m diameter tubes and probably a lot stronger. I want the basically 11" of travel that the Mini-bike forks are giving for trail riding and don't want the extra length of the full sized forks. I have the specs for the Honda forks but need to get specs on the KTM forks for axle to fork top length and for complete fork (both legs and triple clamps) weight.

Can anyone help me out? Got a torn down 85SX that you can check out the weight of the forks? Length can be gotten with a mounted set of forks but not the weights.

Are the 105 forks the same length as the 85 SX forks?



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