XR600R/650R performance

If you own one or have riden one. Let eveyone know what they are like.


Top speed, acceleration, wheelie ability, comfort, staring, are they powerful engough to be scary or what?

I had an XR600 for years, good bike. Lots of low end great for hill climbs. I have a XR650 now and it too is a good bike. Lots of power but good easy power. It's like a tractor. It goes slow if you want to and rip's when you give it the gas. :)

The XR600 is like riding a couch. Both bikes have a starting procedure that you have to follow. Mine starts no problem. Top speed on my XR600 was 93MPH on the desert. My 650 has gone 96MPH geared up for Baja. The 650 is a better bike and both can be dual sported.

The 650R is a refined version of the 600, its bigger, faster, handles better, and seems more reliable. They are both capable of around 100mph speeds though the 650 will get there a lot quicker. They are both suited for open terrain although in the right hands they work well just about anywhere except a track. I have owned both and have taken them from slow goat like single track trails, to baja, to the sanddunes, and everywhere in between. They are both awesome bikes and I would have to recommend the 650 over the 600. Also my 600 was modified a lot and it was still slower than my uncorked but otherwise stock 650.

As far as acceleration, the 650 is close to a 250 2-stroke or 450 MX four stroke, eventually the 650 would go past these bikes, the 600 would be slower. Wheelies are pretty easy on both bikes, they have lots of torque. I would say the 600 is the most comfortable dirtbike I have ever ridden. Starting can be hard on both bikes after a fall but otherwise are not too bad. The 600 is not scary fast but 650 can be, but you may not realize it because the engine is not screaming even though your haulin'

If you are considering buying one I would recommend the 650R but for the right price I would not turn down buying a clean 600.

XR 650R (With Power-up Kit, uncorked)

Top Speed: 96-99mph stock gearing

Acceleration: Similar to CRF-450 or YZ450, but with a LOT more low rpm torque. In other words, acceleration is very strong and abrupt, especially at lower to mid level rpms.

Wheelies easily, simply give the throttle a good twist.

Comfort: Good, much better than an MX bike, but still harsh compared to a street bike.

Starting: Starts easily with the power up kit installed and the bike is uncorked, but only if you learn the big four stroke starting procedure. This bike will NOT start if you approach it like a 2-stroke and jab at the starter lever. Nothing will happen.

Powerful enough to be scary: That depends on your riding skill. ALL less experienced riders who have never ridden a bike which is "truly" fast, will be scared by the 650R. The bike is Absurdly touchy and sensitive on the throttle at low rpms, causing it to feel like a 454 big block on steroids when you touch the gas. Once you get a feel for it, most other bikes you ride will feel sluggish and slow. So yes, I would say the bike produces true open class performance and is scary fast for many riders. The CR500 is still the king of "scary fast" though. haha. If you haven't ridden a CR500, then you don't really know what acceleration is (if it get's good traction).

I don't know a thing about the XR600, so no comment on those.

Another point to mention is that if the XR600 falls over, you don't have to worry about it cracking or smashing the radiator :)

I went right into the 650R after 20 years of golf and other hobbies. At first it was just a touch on the eye opening side, but after a few rides it all came back and now after 1 1/2 years and 3,300 miles of high speed desert thumping, I find myself looking for a sixth gear. This bike is the master of the desert - particularly in soft sand when you need to be on top of it. The out of the whole tractor pulls are also exhilirating. The only other bike that I would think about would be a CRF450 but I would worry about long term reliability. Anyways, I would buy another one if I was without. :)

Ya... love my 600 on the open desert terrain :) just goes and goes. As long as the wheels are moving the ride is fantastic!! Heaven help you if the thing slows down enough to stall (as in really steep climbs with lots of rocks and such) and you stall it. This is when it turns into the beast... man, is that thing scary on an off-camber kick start... I forget just how heavy that thing can be... try turning it around so that the kick starter is uphill when it's 100* out and you're tired :D...

Ya, whatever you do keep those wheels rollin...

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