426 graphics at MGX Unlimited

Just to let you know... Do not order the 426 side panels and airbox from MGX unlimited. For some reason their template for the side pannels graphics is not good and the graphics does not cover the entire pannel. The story with the airbox is even worse: they don't have any template at all...

I'm trying to have mine custom made with them because of the nice look, quality and because of how nice the custom making of the WR headlight plate worked out.

I learned about the side pannels to my expense recently though. Instead of telling me they don't have an accurate template for the side pannels/airbox, and orient me toward custom making, they just printed on their non-accurate template, charged me and prayed I would say nothing :banana:

Yesterday, I made a carton board replica of the side pannels and air box. I'll be sending these to MGX so I can complete my graphic kit with sides that cover nicely and fit good. I'll post again when I receive the graphics to confirm it worked out good.

After that, anyone that needs a nice graphic set for the WR426 can refer to MGX. They have very nice sets. Their website: http://www.mgxunlimited.com

Man, that place is pricey!!!

I know... I've been having a look at many different providers and these guys, I think, make the best looking kits... just a question of personnal opinion though...

They could come up with a better website though... one that would allow to switch colors directly on the website like decal works do as an example...

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