is it normal for a wr 400 to be a noisy engine?

hi, i am having some thoughts about my wr 400, the top end is quite noisy sounds like it is tapping but it has always done this the whole six months i have owned the bike. i was debating on selling it and had a person to view the bike he was turned down by the noisy top end saying it was tappy. just wondering if these are surpose to be a bit tappy or have i got a problem somewhere? this bike has never let me down and the tap does not seem to be getting louder can anyone give me some answers please!.

Noisy? Yes!

If you search here, you'll find that's a pretty common topic.

Noisier if you have a skid plate.

Wouldn't hurt to check valve clearance, too.

And otherwise, enjoy - they're solid bikes!

thanks mate i didnt think this was a problem but just cheacking


I also have a WR400 and it has plenty of valve noise up top. Totally normal.

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