Akropovic exhaust

Does anyone have any feedback regarding Ackropovic exhaust systems? I'm thinking of getting one for my 2010 YZ 450 and I'm torn between a FMF system and the Ackropovic. I realize there is a price difference but sometimes it is worth it in craftsmanship, quality, etc... Any input appreciated, thanks!

is your last name esposito by any chance:thinking:

no, its Green

Whatever else you can say about them, Akro's are top notch stuff.

anyone have a good place to get a deal on an Akro system? I was thinking of just the muffler as their dyno graphs on Akro's web site show very similar results.

Gary call Josh at Roseville yamaha or Donnie at Capitol yamaha they will hook you up. Im riding Riverfront tomorrow see how the bike works with everything on it.

no, its Green


when is that dam 450 coming in anyway I would be banging my head against the wall

oh and by the way you gotta go with the akro pipe I now another guy who had the coin to test a couple of different pipes back to back and he swore by the akropovic and sold the other pipes and the fit and finish was very nice I gotta say:thumbsup:

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