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Update to my post about Led Blinkers

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For anyone out there who has replaced there blinkers with led blinkers. Easy solution to fast blinking without buying a bunch of resistors to wire in to each light. I went to Auto Zone and bought a 11 - 15v Electronic flasher it has 2 pins and will work with a combination of standard bulbs and led's, it is variable load therefore does not require any resistors soldered in lines. Works awesome blink rate is as perfect as it could be and also makes a small noise as it blinks, not sure if you can hear it with the engine running. COST $5.99 Auto zone wired it right in to the existing plug upper right side of battery, solder directly or make some connectors like I did. (does not work with all 4 led lights has to be a combo, both rears or both fronts)

Make sure you only buy a 2 pin and as small as you can this model fits and can be found at autozone. Blazer FL 552 / 536LL


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Determined some of the facts on my flasher are wrong.

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