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Broke Friction Plate????

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I'm hoping you guys may provide a little insight here.

I went riding last weekend and sprung an oil leak in my clutch cover gasket. I had lost about 1/2 quart of oil on my 2003 WR 450

I drove it about 1/2 mile to a good parking spot and parked it, then hauled it back to the house. I had to order my gasket through rekluse since I use the oversized gasket on my oem clutch cover. This is required when keeping the oem clutch cover when you have a rekluse installed. While I had Rekluse on the phone, I went ahead and got some new Rekluse Friction plates.

I opened up the clutvh cover today and starting taking out the old OEM friction plates. About half way down the stack, I noticed one was busted. About a 4 inch piece had busted out from the friction plate. I found all the pieces in the basket except for 2 tabs and about an inch of plate.

I flushed the crankcase out with oil twice. I had several small shratnel pieces come out but no large pieces. The OEM friction plate is made out of a very soft pewter.

My question is....should I take this to a pro who can disassemble the entire crankcase and gears to make sure all the pieces are out OR put it back together, fill it with oil, run it for a bit again and reflush?

I have inpescted the gears behind the clutch basket and do not see any damage.

What do you guys think???


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