Stock vs. aftermarket

Are there any advantages of buying an aftermarket exhaust vs. just installing an insert to open up the stock exhaust?

When I bought my 06 i tried the insert first and it was okay but I had a 04 YZ450 setting there with a powerbomb header and can so I decided to switch it out just to see the difference. Get the exhaust.

+1 for pipe / header.

i did megabomb + q4 and i love it. also very quiet for those of us in overly regulated Cali


There is little improvement to be gained by simply fitting an insert.

The rest of the muffler restricts flow too much.

If you're on a budget then open the muffler up properly and fit an insert for reasonable power improvement. Add a YZ450F header for full-blown version!

I have ridden, back-to-back, identical (apart from the exhaust) WR450Fs and I can categorically state that a properly modified, stock muffler, coupled to a YZ450F header performs as well, if not better than a (very loud) "Race" White Bros full system.

In summary: if you have heaps of money and like to waste it then buy an exhaust.

If not then do the mods.

Check this out and you'll see what I mean....


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