*** are Yamaha thinking????

Change the oil on my new bike last night. What were they thinking???

1st Oil drain bolt hidden behind the frame (for easy access??)

2nd Oil drain bolt that shoots out a jet of oil, that will deffinately clear the oil pan and hit the already oil soaked floor, which is still under attack from the first bolt hole.

And just when I got all that under control, floor wiped as good as I can, Time to whip out the filter.

That was fun took out the two bolts with my oily fingers, just to lose grip of the cover it shot of and guess what, yup another jet stream of oil this time hitting my shelves, wall, and floor.

Eventually put all that back together to find I had to loosen and check the oil pressure bolt releasing more oil on the floor.

Any better way to change oil on these machines?? (IMAO Maybe stick it in a bath tub so it can bleed its heart out, and not be an environmental disaster.)

BTW why is there a spring thing inside the oil filter? should it be on the engine side or the cover side?? My filter shot out with the oil didnt get a chance to see which way it was. The hand drawn picture in the book, looks like it is on the cover side.

What year model?

It´s a YZF450 2010 model. I am not familer with Yamaha, Apart from my first bike, which was a 1977 TY125. that was 20 years ago. I noticed the new original yamaha filter was 1 or 2 mm shorter than the one that came out of the bike from new..


This is the detailed pic from the manual. there is two sides to the filter ore side open hole and the other side with a Spring mounted flap thing. the pic looks like the flap thing is to the filter cover side. The spring pushes the flap out, closed.

Cant figure out what its for.

What it's for is a bypass valve, in case the filter is ever so restrictive that it requires more than a 5-7 pound pressure drop to push oil through it. Everything that belongs in the filter well is contained in the filter assembly, so you wouldn't have lost anything other than the cover seal. In the '10 model, the filter goes in open end first, which is reversed from previous years. You can't get the cover on if it's backward.

Read also:


As to the drain plugs, the location of the rear one is indefensible. But the cure for the mess is to drain the 3 points one at a time, and close them before draining the next. Lean the bike to the right while pulling the filter cover.

Thanks Gray yet again the man with the answers. As for the rear plug I can live with that, I am a torque wrench freak, I just don't like not being able to get the right torque on ma nuts bolts. Next oil change ill be ready for it.

Once again thanks

if you have the 2010 model, thats the first year the switched the engine around, im sure next year the bike will have these kinks fixed, as far as the spring in the oil filter goes, its a good idea to have it in there, but im guessing they know that most people change to an after market one, witch suplys a new spring. other then the oil all over your garage, how you likeing the bike?

That was a great article on filters grey, so I guess the next step is a steel filter.

... im sure next year the bike will have these kinks fixed, ...
Don't hold your breath. The rear drain plug has been in nearly the same place since '06, and they actually made matters worse on the '10.

naur112, the bike is great, Its hard to say what it is really like at the track. (We still have snow and ice on the track) The first time I had it there I had a bad set of studded tires on it, ( some cheep enduro spiked tires) so the front end was washing out on me, and the rear swaying around. Didn´t feel stable at all. I put the tires from my CRF on it today and took it for a blast down the forest road, it pulls harder than the space shuttle, and it is stable with the right tires on it. My CRF 250 didn´t really affect the studs on the tires, but the 450 yam just melted them (30 euro a tire) I need to get the tuner though. I wonder how much that will cost in sweden.

I find my 2010 A breeze to service and work on. I have no complaints with access to the air filter in its new location, and have no issues with the drain plugs or filters.

There is way worse out there to be spinning spanners on.:banana:

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