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SkyTeam ST200 Questions.

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Hey all,

Firstly, Hello. First post, hopefully not my last.

Bought a bike off eBay Australia, advertised as FXR200, knew nothing about it being chinese, asked questions to the seller, said it was a company down the coast, FX Racing. So I thought maybe us Aussies where building bikes - little did I know that when you order a tonne, you get your own logo on them. Couldnt really do an info check, as I didnt know. - The Things you learn after the damage is done.

Anyways, I've had a few problems with it, but nothing too bad just yet.

I was mainly wondering what the Skyteam ST200 was a copy of? It looks honda CRF ish, but an XR looking motor. Ran into a thread on here, looks to be a lifan engine?

The rear sprocket is an odd one, I want to replace it, but cant find a bolt pattern like it.

Its a triangle type in sets of 2, not an even pattern around it. Has anyone seen this before?

My model didnt come with a front light, and I was looking to make one up (don't want to spend too much money) anyone got any ideas on what I could use? I was thinking a push bike light, but kind of wanted it to look good. Apparantly the wiring is all there, all i need is a fairing, globe and switch. But a CHEAP DIY thing would be better considering I don't know how long the bike will last.

There is next to no information on these bikes anywhere. So any info on them would be good. I'll keep searching through posts to see what else I can find, but in the meantime, please feel free to ask some questions or introduce me to some mods or anything really.

Thanks a bunch:ride:

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